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Chicken breeding farm

4.0 ( 2960 ratings )
Games Gezin
Developer: Imran Haydar

Breeding meaning is rising in livestock. Now a day, people love to have pet. This game is about chicken breeding farm factory in which we learn how breeding process taken place in village. It’s not only a chicken factory game; you all would be able to do poultry farming in your own chicken breeding factory village. It’s a detailed process for chicken breeding through breeding factory simulator machine.
In breeding farm village, collect all hens. Open hen food packet with seizer and feed them. Now try to catch healthier hens from the breeding farm village. Because, healthier hens will be breed more. In your breeding farm simulator, let the hens to laying maximum eggs in chicken factory. After this process we will collect eggs and drop these eggs into bucket.
Make sure that crack eggs are out of bucket. Being a poultry farmer of your breeding farm chicken factory, we will pass all eggs through laser machine simulator. Now all eggs are ready for breeding. Put eggs into apparatus machine on the given temperature in our chicken factory.
After that we will check that chicks have come out from eggs. Pick all chicks and drop them into bucket from breeding farm. Let’s start spa process of poultry farming within our chicken breeding factory simulator. Pick chicks and wash with shower machine simulator. All dust will be removed by spa process in spa department of chicken factory. Now dry them and paint with different colour. Chicks look will be funky in different colour.
Chicks are ready to be delivered. We will load all cage of colourful chicks from breeding farm to delivery truck for its onward delivery to other poultry farms so that chicken breeding may exceed more.